Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

Service Description:

The Ceramic Pro Bronze package is an excellent value and a great introduction to our ceramic coating Long Island package! If you’ve been searching for auto paint protection in Suffolk County, then Ceramic Pro is your answer. The Bronze package comes with a 2-year warranty and will give it the auto paint protection it craves. ShineTek Auto Spa has set the standard for excellence and we guarantee quality in all of our work. The Bronze package includes one layer of Ceramic Pro Light to the exterior of your vehicle.

- 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top-Coat on all painted exterior surfaces
- 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Top-Coat on Wheel Faces
- 2 layers of Ceramic Pro Rain on All Windows


Ceramic Pro Packages include the following Preparation work:
- Decontamination Wash
- ClayBar
- 1-Step Machine Polish
(Removes minor clear-coat imperfections)
- Wax/Grease Removal Prior To Coating Application

The vehicles paint condition will be evaluated at the time of drop off. If an additional step of paint correction (polishing/compounding) is recommended we will go over your options and help educate you on the necessary steps needed to achieve your desired appearance before the coating is applied.

Duration: 1 Full Day (Available for pickup on 2nd days morning in most cases)


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